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The USA hourly labor rates are high and still rising. Utilizing a Call Center to run marketing efforts to generate leads, or to accept inbound sales calls, or to accept inbound Customer Service calls, etc can be very expensive.

HyperRev has partnered with a premier Call Center Provider named Smart Connect, headquartered just a mile over the San Diego border in Tijuana, Mexico.  


Many who hear this have an initial reaction of, “Oh, but I need my Call Center Reps to speak perfect English and also understand my business and how to handle my customers.”


Have no fear.  Smart Connect Call Center Reps speak fluent English, with no discernible accent, and they become experts at your business and desired way of doing things. Unlike centers out of India, the Philippines, and/or Belize, the Smart Connect staff can’t be distinguished from what the average USA based call center rep sounds like.  This is important, as studies show Sales and Customer Service thrive best when the Customer being called or calling in can affiliate with the person on the other end of the line.


Unlike the $27 to $37 per hour rates you will find via USA based Call Centers, we charge only a third of that and do an even better job than you may be used to.  State of the art, noise cancelling headsets are used, coupled with multi-screen call stations and smart virtual dialers tied into your CRM, to create the best possible impression to your Customer the first time, and every time.

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